Sex After 90

No Pills? No Partner? No Problem!

Author:  Willie Kissertits

Cover design: Betty Will

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"Hilarious!  Different from every story you've ever read."

Attention Hollywood. I'm looking for a movie producer to buy the rights to this humor book.  Make me an offer I can't refuse.

Sex After 90 is a state of mind, like the Little Red Engine:  "I think I can.  I think I can. I think I can." 

Killer Klugman Quotes

Jailed con man Killer Klugman is hilarious and depraved at the same time.  "My cellmate is a pervert.  He spanks his monkey all day, like he's starting a fire."

"Hey Kissertits. Stop playing those stupid tricks on Gordy.  I know he's a crooked lawyer, but he's a good one.    He once successfully defended a gynecologist who lost his medical license after becoming deaf.  Gordy convinced the medical board to reinstate the doctor's license after he proved his client could read lips."

"My ex, Lizzy, has been lonely since my incarceration.  Bubba told me he would give me one of his Rottweilers for my wife.  Best trade I ever made!" 

"I'm Jewish.  Inmates are trying to convert me.  I can't buy into Christianity, especially after hearing how it got started...the virgin birth and all.  Christianity got started because a Jewish woman wouldn't put out?  Since when is that a miracle?  I can't remember the last time my wife and I had sex.  If she were laying on a gurney in the hospital, I couldn't identify the body."

Full disclosure:  My Kindle book, Sex After 90, has little to do with having sex after 90.   Based on a true story, Sex After 90 is about how a former chiropractic patient of mine, Killer Klugman, tried to extort money from me while he was incarcerated for a drug deal gone bad.  He did so by sending me a series of letters from jail and by enlisting his shyster lawyer and depraved hit-man. Those letters were right up my alley.  I wrote back with smart aleck replies, and by setting up practical jokes to irritate his lawyer and hit-man.  That last antic almost got me killed.  I hope you like the book.

Link to Amazon Kindle Book


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Me adjusting a giraffe.  Before and After.

Note: My second giraffe fared slightly better.